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It is like finding a missing             between the couch cushions….

You may not have known you were looking for it but you suddenly feel richer! 

Find the last quarter inside yourself and your organization. 

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                   We can decide to relentlessly pursue the life we want. 


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Come together and talk about things that matter.

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Meet Other people who are equally serious about being their best selves. 
Personal Growth is the coolest thing we can do. 
(Not just in 2020!)

Let's  Hang out and talk about real stuff. 


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When we hear, see, or do something that lights up our hearts we will pursue more opportunities to replicate the feeling.



Read  "I Woke Up for This"  for fresh perspective, recommendations, and welcome distractions. 


Shadow on Concrete Wall

Staci was my Career Guide as part of Teal's Career Assist program. She is gregarious, encouraging, deeply knowledgable, and generous. Her sessions, guidance, and materials led me not only to being able to successfully land a fantastic new position (during a pandemic and fairly horrific job market no less), but empowered me to get a better compensation package through negotiation. I can't recommend Staci highly enough. As leaders/guides/coaches go, she is the gold standard.

— David Wesley Mitchell

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